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Melbourne's Best Indoor Workouts for When It's Far Too Cold to Exercise Outside

Ah, Melbourne — sunny one minute, pouring the next. If it wasn't already hard enough to get outside and go for a run, it's much more difficult when your fingers and nose are close to freezing off. Of course, it's much easier to stay wrapped in a doona beside the heater — but no more excuses. We've got ten refreshing ideas to get you up and moving with some indoor workouts that are nothing like your average treadmill slog.
Bianca Cuffia

A day in the life of a kitchen garden

This article originally appeared on the Smudge Eats website. It was written by Tula Wynyard, who visited kitchen and garden classes at Westgarth Primary School, with photography by Bianca Cuffia. There has been a quiet revolution in primary schools – real food is back. As a foodie, cook and writer, I believe that hands-on cooking and gardening skills are invaluable in a world where we have an increasingly tenuous connection with how our food is produced. I was brought up on school canteen spec